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Vehicle control station

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Step by step overview

  1. We are approaching the station entrance gate
  2. We enter the office
  3. We provide the diagnosis of the car’s counter, registration certificate (optional documents from the gas installation and other devices subject to technical supervision if mounted on the vehicle), keys, pay in advance for the review of the car, receive a receipt or invoice, during this time, the diagnostician registers in the CEPIK database.
  4. After registration in central register of vehicles and drivers, the customer from the diagnostician goes to the halls.
  5. The first step is to identify the vehicle – license plates, and sticker on the windscreen in accordance with the registration certificate, the chassie number and the name plate.
  6. The diagnostician checks the condition of the car organoleptically. – ‘holes’ in the bodywork (eg due to excessive corrosion), protruding sharp elements (broken bumper), collision damage, broken headlamps – lamps. Tinted or cracked glass.
  7. The diagnostician checks the pressure in the tires and the condition of the tires, drives on the roller devices measuring the braking force of the vehicle.
  8. For the customer’s knowledge, we check the condition of the shock absorbers.
  9. After driving two points of the station, the vehicle is on so-called jerks where the condition of the vehicle suspension is checked. At this point, the customer gets into the car and performs the diagnostic commands.
  10. a. holding the brake
  11. b. starting the steering wheel
  12. c. moving the vehicle forward
  13. After checking the suspension, the diagnostician checks the components attached to the chassis and leaks of operating fluids: cables, lines, fuel tanks, exhaust system, covers,
  14. After leaving the channel at the end of the station, the vehicle equipment is checked: lighting, horn, sprinklers, interior equipment, dashboard controls, seatbelts, etc.
  15. Checking the vehicle’s exhaust.
  16. End of vehicle inspection. We return to the office, the diagnostician enters possible faults in the database. An entry is added to the registration certificate and a certificate of the car’s review is issued.
  17. The customer selects a gift and leaves the diagnostic station himself.


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